Terms and Conditions



‘We’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ means Casa Maintenance Ltd. ‘You’, ‘the client’, ‘the customer’, ‘your’ means the person who requested our services and entered into this contract. 

1.1 Contract 

The agreed final quote represents a written contract for the exact work to be completed at the price quoted. 

  • Any agreement made verbally is not covered by the contract unless it has been written into said contract. 
  • The agreement is made between Casa Maintenance Ltd and the client. The client is identified as the person who requested the quotation. 
  • Casa Maintenance Ltd will not enter into any dialogue, accept any requests or communicate in any way with anyone other than the client except where the client has provided written permission that allows them to do so.
  • The acceptance of the quote, electronically or by any other means signifies a full acceptance and commitment to accept these terms and conditions. 
  • Please check your quotation carefully. 

1.2 Scope of quoted work 

The quote written by Casa Maintenance Ltd for the client represents the requests of the client. We will not be held liable for any task that is not included in the written quote. 

1.3 Materials 

All necessary materials can and will be provided by us unless otherwise agreed and will be of high quality and used in an appropriate manner as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Where it is necessary to match existing decor, our work will be carried out with this in mind, using appropriate materials that provide an exact match where possible. If an exact match will not be achievable, the client will be consulted. Casa Maintenance Ltd is not responsible for the performance or suitability of any materials, parts or products purchased directly by the client and allows Casa Maintenance Ltd to use these at their own risk.

All material choices are the responsibility of the client, please ensure you are happy with your choice before the materials are ordered as it is non-refundable. Goods are ordered for your specific installation; any changes by the client must be made before any cutting, modification, or installation.

1.4 Changes to your quote 

Any quote or estimate is subject to revision, if a customer makes changes to their property or building after receiving a quote from Casa Maintenance Ltd, customers must let us know of all changes made as soon as possible so that their quote can be revised. Any changes made without notifying us may cause a delay in the work until a price has been agreed upon for any changes.

1.5 Completion timescales 

Estimated completion times are guidelines and although we will endeavour to complete the work in the time frame intimated, we will not be held liable for failure to complete the scheduled works within the estimated time frame. Similarly, we can finish a project more quickly than estimated, in which case the price of the quote will not change. 

1.6 Storage of tools 

We may on occasion request that tools be left on site overnight. The client reserves the right to decline such requests. 

1.7 Validity period of quotations 

Quotes are valid for 28 days from the date of issue unless otherwise agreed.

1.8 Damages and sub-standard workmanship 

It is the responsibility of the client: 

  • To remove valuable and/or fragile items from the areas to be decorated.
  • To remove pictures and other items hanging from the wall. 
  • To remove electrical goods from the areas where work will be carried out. 

Assistance can be provided with the repositioning and/or removal of bulky furniture items and goods. We reserve the right to decline to move goods if the condition is at risk of damage to the equipment or the property. We reserve the right to decline to move particularly heavy or bulky items if they present a higher than accepted health and safety risk. Where items cannot be covered or protected, but could easily have been removed, we will request that they be removed before work commences. We cannot be held liable for damage to such items if they are not removed.

In the event of breakage or damage to the property, Casa Maintenance Ltd will notify the client immediately and set out steps to remedy the situation. Similarly, if at the end of the job, the client is dissatisfied with any aspect of the service, they must inform us within 48 hours. Clients must allow Casa Maintenance Ltd to effect a remedy using our own tradespersons and under no circumstances will we be held liable for the costs of reparations by third parties that we have not expressly agreed to in writing. The client must notify Casa Maintenance Ltd, in writing within 24 hours of an alleged breakage or damage caused by our employees. 

1.9 Additional work 

We are in most cases happy to do small “favours” for our clients over and above our quotations however this is expressly done at your own risk and we will not accept any responsibility for any work undertaken that is not in your written quote, including loss or damage to persons or property. 

1.10 Precautions 

We will take every possible precaution to ensure that all vulnerable areas and any objects left in the work area are carefully and thoroughly covered and/or masked. However, there will always remain a very small risk of overspill or dust getting past these precautions. In the rare event of overspill, dust or other cosmetic damage, we will endeavour to ensure that it is satisfactorily cleaned. 

1.11 Pre-existing damage 

We may take photographs of your property or complete a pre-existing damage form prior to the start of the project. In the unlikely event that we do damage your property and this is a result of our negligence, you will be covered by our insurance for the full amount. However, claims that we can dispute with photo evidence or written agreement will incur a £50 charge per complaint to cover administration costs. 

1.12 Cancellation 

In the event of cancellation by the client, the client agrees to notify Casa Maintenance Ltd in writing or by email 7 days before the project start date or if the work has begun; as soon as possible. The client agrees to cover the cost of all materials and time taken to complete work to date. We also reserve the right to charge 15% of the total project cost. 

1.13 Payment of quoted and fixed price work 

The client agrees to pay each invoice in full, and in cleared funds when presented unless otherwise stated on the invoice.

Quotes over a significant sum, we will inform you that the invoices need to be paid as work progresses, staged in the following manner; (1.) Deposit (30%), (2.) 7 days from the start date of work (30%), (3.) Completion of work (40%). PLEASE NOTE: Invoicing stages may alter depending on the job. 

Casa Maintenance Ltd reserves the right to request the cost of materials as a deposit prior to the start date of services.

In the event that the client is unhappy with the standard of workmanship, the correct complaints procedure as shown in these terms and conditions must be followed. All materials purchased for, or on behalf of the client, remain the property of Casa Maintenance Ltd until payment of the final invoice by the client to Casa Maintenance Ltd. In the event of a dispute, the client agrees to allow access to the property to a representative of Casa Maintenance Ltd to retrieve all materials that remain the property of the company. We are happy to provide invoices for businesses and individuals. However, payment is due within the time-scales as stated in the Terms and Conditions and the amount, unless amended by Casa Maintenance Ltd, is fixed in the quotation. Therefore, the client is liable for payment, regardless of whether an invoice has been received.

1.14 Completion of the project 

If Casa Maintenance Ltd deems it necessary, the client must be available on the last day of the project for consultation and final sign-off for the project. In the event that the client is unavailable unless otherwise agreed in writing, the client accepts that the project has been completed to their satisfaction and payment in full is due. 

1.15 Termination of the contract by Casa Maintenance Ltd

Casa Maintenance Ltd will not tolerate aggressive or rude behaviour, racism, nationalism; sexism, homophobia or ageism directed towards any of its staff or tradespersons and reserves the right to terminate the project at any time in this event. 

1.16 Payment methods 

We accept Cash and Bank transfers for the settlement of your account.